Tuesday, October 28, 2008


i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Jasmine: Lol, If you don't wanna dress up then wear normal luh!
Hahahas, don't think over yet, but she wanna gooooo :D

Wms: Read below (:

:) : Awwww, thank you! Heheh

Jess: Heeeeello deeeeear, ok! :D

Queenie: hahahas. nahh, if ask me to cook everyday
then i'll be damn sian already! hahahahs, lazy bum :x

Mel: I don't use that, hahas you can get wax strips from watson,
but better go to like a waxing salon to do it
if you're not sure how to. lol .

Watever: lol, you're what? some primary 2 little girl?
Why am i a slut? Got clevage to show = slut?
I steal your boyf meh? Hahahas, lame.

Jes: You can get them from Liang Court, Meidi-ya supermarket (:

Jojo: LOL! you're so funny!

Gabriella: Your name is so cool, hahahas
i make bentos for boyf afew times a week! (:
And thank you!

Prb: Thank you! (:

Sarahh: Haahas, awww, thanks babe,
Def will have more duets coming up! Heh. :D

Anne: Read below! (:

Heidi: With your FINGERS? 0.o

I was over at Jessica's house the other day,
Jess asked me to bring my makeup over cos we wanted
to do a tutorial for you girls since all of you are always asking
about how we do our make-up, what colours to match,
so on and so forth..

... I didn't do a step-by-step this time thou!
Pretty pointless cos i've already done a basic eye makeup
tutorial awhile back, How i draw my eyeliner,
blend eyeshadow etc.

And i figured it'll be more fun showing you girls
how i match my eyeshadow shades from now!

And here's the link:


And the fake eyelashes application tutorial!
Scroll down to the bottom of the link yah:

More of a tropical look today,
i always love the combination of blue/greens,
but yellow with green is just so pretty,
Even boyf loved it and complimented how pretty the
colour combination was the 1st time i did this look, heh.

Photo taken without false lashes!
Forgot to apply it before snapping the picture.

What i used:

- Ettusais Flat Design Liquid foundation
- Laneige Sebum Pact pressed powder

- M.A.C Sheertone Blusher in Dollymix

- SANA eyebrown pencil
- Bobbi brown creamy concealer on the undereye area
- M.A.C Prep + Prime
- M.A.C e/s in Bitter in the inner corners of lid
- M.A.C e/s in Lime in the middle
- M.A.C pigment in Teal on outer corners of lid.
- M.A.C e/s in Ricepaper under brows as highlight
Stila Gel eyeliner Smudgepot in Black

- M.A.C lipstick in Bombshell
- SANA Clear Gloss

Jessica did a basic tutorial of her daily makeup in her blog too!

And the usual camwhoring:

then we did make-up for each other,
I did a pink-brown look for her,
and she did this super kua zhang and glittery look for me
and all the stupid glitter went into my eyes and
my contact lens looked super glittery, LOL. -.-

Then she re-did my makeup and gave me a bluueeee look.

We're twitsssssssxzxzz! ONE, TWO, THREEEEEEEE!


... Twooooooo (Jess taught me sth naughty!!! LOL)

Threeeeeeeee! (:

Her falsies are always dropping!
Everytime go out with her she'll end up with like,
nearly dropping falsies.

And she says my ardell lashes glue very scary cos like super sticky,
as if when removing them it'll hurt like hell, but no luh!
Lol, if my falsies always wanna drop wanna drop then like hell ah!

Time to change your glue darling~

Ahhhhh, go shopping with Shirley Goh tmr,
i miss her sooooo much! :D

I just finish watching 5 full season of House
and now i've got nothing to do!
It's a really nice show thou!
I'm going to study for my econs paper tmr!

Btw i bought the M.A.C Intriguing Scarlet lip palette from

Oyasumi Nasai, Loves!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

HT: Lol, double D or E? siao ah,
Of cos not lah. So gross :x

Reader: Hahahas, i look like zhang shao han?!
Can't luh! She's too cute-ish looking! hahahahas

Daiqian: lol, the horrors of hotel toilets!

Sol: hahahas, no it doesn't hurt!
Only once i was using the tweezer to remove my contacts,
But try to kiap very long also can't kiap anything lol,
And i realize my contact lens not there at all. -.-
maybe i rubbed and it dropped or sth. Blur me!

My Auntie: Ahhh, miss me so much ah! =D

Jasmine: Halloween you going zouk or not!
Heh, jess wanna go leh, but need to borrow ic! :x

Lily: Sorry, no blogshop advertisment on my tagboard,
It'll be removed! hope you understand (:

Unknown: lol, if you're expecting me to scold you back
or something, you're gonna be so disappointed!
Little girl ah, go and disturb other people lah.
I'm not interested in you. (:

Sher: Hahahahs, really ah, gimme suggestion leh!

R: Hahahas, i saw it on the baby name website,
and it's always faithful (:

OOOO: I felt like my blog is soooo messy!
So i removed some of them,
most of them are outdated anyway :x

Jess: Lol, i have hor! Bake bake bake!
Go think of what you wanna bake next week! :D

Smiley: thank yoooou!

Missykerlyn: lol, nobody would care! :D

Omg: Hahahahs, Awww, thank you!

Jessie: Haahas, i used a contact lens tweezer,
Can't risk scratching my eyeballs out just
to remove those lenses man! :D

Jess: I wanna swimmmmm too!!!
We didnt get to swim that day! hehehe

Yuling: Hehehe, arab street there have leh.
You which day before halloween got leave?
I meet you lah, we go tgt. :D


Hehehe, halloween's just around the corner!
Have y'all thought of what to dress up as?
Hehehe, boyf and i would prolly be mitchy matchy,
not telling what we're dressing up as yet! =D

Boyf's bento: Pasta, terriyaki drumstick,
stir-fried prawn okara and chopped up portobello mushroom,
two chicky quail egg, edamame, crunchy tomato! :D

Close up on my chicky quail egg.
hehehe, i love quail eggs lor, so cuteeeeee!

Sponsered Advertorial:

Public holiday tomorroooooooow!
Wanna shop but don't wanna leave home and
squeeeeeeze with the crazy crowd in the shopping malls?

Sweetie gladys from sent me
three gorgeous dress, and i loooooove them!

I received the dresses the very next day i made my pick!
Who wouldn't be in looooove with such fast, hassle-free service?

Everybody would loooove a simple yet gorgeous black dress.

And this is my favourite, black halter dress with crochet designs,
what's there not to love?

I looooove halter dresses, another simple yet
adorable halter dress in light denim.

Everyone needs a satin dress in their wardrobe.

Drop by to cure
your shopping addictions!

I've been playing a PS3 game with boyf
this few days, and we're hoooooked!
And i'm not a gamer kinda girl at all lor,
most of the time i will watch and ahhh,
get bored after like 5 mins, we played it for like 5 hours today?

Little big planet!

The bunny plushie on the left is me, and the kitty ears plushie is boyf!

I've got fairy wings on now! Heheh, but not in this picture thou,
Boyf is crazy and he dresses his plushies in super ridiculous outfits,
like those mexican-ish poncho, coyboy hat etc etc.

The game is freaky funny lah!
I haven't laugh like that for a long long long time luh.
There's this part that we had to jump on a switch
and the bomb would explode, and boyf's plushie went too
near the bomb and the whole plushie turned charcoal black. -.-

Showing the peace sign! Hehehe
Super fun lah. we can give the plushie different different expression.
Really, darn cute and addictive.

But the PS3 is in leon's bro room,
If it's in leon's room ah...
we'll be like nua-ing at home and playing the whole day lor!

Felicia came to my house for a sleepover on friday,
Heheh, the last time was what? primary school?
Lol, we bitch and bitch and chit-chat till we fell asleep~

Woke up and she's still sleeping like a pigggggg,
So i watched House and American Next Top Model!
I hate recaps, ahhh, so boring.
Just get on to the real episodes man. @#$%^&

I eventually woke her up when jessica called me
and told me something damn ridiculous. lol.

We baked mini-apple tarts!
they're so cute and pretty luh.

Pre-baking, some is mine and some is heeeeers! =D

Packed and ready to be sent to boyf's house~

Lol, my wardrobe has been like, a warzone for the past few months,
Like, i just have no time to pack it lah.
Everytime i wanna go out i feel like i wanna drop dead and die.
Like i have to drag everything out of my wardrobe
and take my pick and stuff them all back.
Looks damn shitty lor.

And to add, i have a daaaaarn lot of clothes lah.

Behold now, you neat freaks.


I scattered my clothes all over my room so i can sort them into catagories.
Can you imagine, i tripped over my clothes twice and fell down on my face.
Damn retarded, i know.

After 4 hours of packing & 2 hugeeeeee bags of clothes thrown away,


Feels like vomitting after folding and packing
the obscenely huge amt of clothes all by myself.

Hehehe, next post is a make-up for you girls! :D
Jess and i had fuuuuuuun playing with makeup! heh.

My online buys last night! =D
M.A.C Intriguing Scarket: Cool Pink Lips.
Muahaha, don't think it's released in singapore yet?
Or is it? The packaging is so preeeeeetty!

And... a bikini top and bikini bottom.

I wanna go watch True Blood already,
Happy deepavali for.. erm whoever celebrating deepavali!
Hahahahahas, boyf and i will be going picnic tmr~

Oyasumi Nasai, Loves! (:

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Felicia: Really meh! I didnt receive your call leh! ):

Nadnut: Hehehe, thanks babe!

(::Search on ebay.

Felzie: Hehehe, thanks babe!

Weiling: Hahahas, ok lar, it's fun to eat cute food mar,
worth the trouble! :D

Xinmei: Hey babe, ordered thru spree

Reader: Link is changed! (:

Hehehe, thanks babe!

Elaine: Food colouring

Siewyin: Cute right! Hahahahs

Pinggg: Wahh! Really got so hard ah!
I apply alot but still soft soft ahahahs, but not as soft already!

Genviene: Hahahas, your comment is so funny!

Lucas: Thank you! :D

Hehehe, thanks babe!

Hehehe, thanks dear!

Sarah: thanks! :D

Peggy: thank you!

Dawn: No problem (:

--: Thank you!

Passerby - kw: Hahahas, no lah! But thanks!

Audrey: Hahahas, I'm sure we will, and thanks! :D

Nicole: Hahahas, goosebumps = good/bad?! Lol.

Spankalot: Yup!

Jasmine : LOL! Paiseh leeeeeh, my skin so thin!

Angel: hahas, thanks

Zhen: thanks babe! (:

Hehehe, thanks dear~

Wow: Lol, i get that "you don't look like 18" thing
alot and thanks!

Atiqah: Heh, thanks!

:) : Sure we will! :D

Hello: Heheh, thank you

Sol: Hahhas, i use contact lens tweezer!
All my friends are like omg ewwww when i tell them that,
but i just can't simple use my fingernails to remove them,
Super hard -.-

Stasia: Arab Street (:

iyis: heh, and your name is damn cool!
Took me like 3 times to spell it right! lol,
I feel retarded.

Weeting: Thank you!

Lily: hahahhas, you haven't saw the worst ones! -.-

Anonymous: I got it from (:

Jessmiex: thank you!

") : Awww, thank you!

Shirley G: I don't care! Take leave lah!

Yuling: Heheh, no idea leh, but i don't wanna look bloody!
lol, you bring your son and make him look like
some monster baby with makeup LOL

Ivy: heh, thank you!

Sarahhh (: : Hahahas, he's damn haolian somemore!
And thank you! (:

Boyf's bento: riceballs, quail eggs, mushroom with cheese & flower carrot,
prata sausage, fruit salad, edamame peas

don't ask me how i dye my eggs pink again!
Think before asking ok, food colouring, FOOD COLOURING!

Study study study study,
I'm so stoned after staring
at my notes for the entire afternoon!
Tomorrow is my ITT paper, argh.

hehe, by the way my marketing paper went pretty oooook,
I'm sure i got like most of the terms wrong and stuff,
But all least my points are like all there lar.

It's like the 1st time i took a paper and sat there for
the entire 2 and a half hour writing non-stop,
my finger hurts after the paper -.-

I'm so so so so so looking forward to the 31st!
Cos my exams will be over by then,
AND i wanna go to the halloween party at Zouk.

Shirley and yuling says they wanna go together!
But shirley can't confirm ):
Take leave leh, girl!
Anyone of you going toooo?
Hehe, what are you gonna dress up as?

I got bored of studying today, so i played with my makeup!
I really don't have any idea what look to do for halloween,
But i'm def not going for the gooooooory, bloody look.

Basically what me and jess did for jasmine for our improptu
creative makeup shoot afew mths ago:

Just with different e/s colour and some bling! :D

I'm really bad at the swirly thingy, lol, looks like crap.
I used:

  • MAC shadestick in Sharkskin
  • MAC e/s in Munity, Azreal Blue, Softwash Grey
  • MAC e/s in teal (lower eye rim)
  • Stila smudgepots (eyeliner & swirls)
  • Gold liquid eyeliner

Zircon Blue, Black diamond, light peach

(Sorry about the horrible eyebrow, couldn't care less!)
I was thinking like ice queen or.. i dunno!

I don't know if this is gonna be my halloween look,
It's reaaaaally boring!
Maybe something cooler will pop out into my mind soon.

Give me some ideas ok!

Went to jess house on sunday after church!
I took a cab to her house,
and i had reaaally really bad motion sickness,
and i almost puked at jess's house lift.

Thaaaank god i didn't.
And that taxi driver ah, i was like feeling so dizzy
and i wanna puke already he still slowly take his own
sweet time to pass me my change @#$%^&
IF i puked in taxi, it'll be his own fault lor!

And we studied together!
Ok.. in between we did watch some japanese comedy show,
and eat some pizza AND watch Mr and Mrs smith on tv...

But we did study ok!

Smelly jess made me model for her advertorial clothes!

She was like so cute, draped me with pearls and all then went crazy
"Ahh, so retro, so nice, i'll never see you like that
with pearls and everything normally lor!"

Ok, going back to mugging!
Remember to click on my nuffnang ad before leaving! :D

Oyasumi Nasai, Loves! (:

Monday, October 20, 2008

Helloooooooooo y'all!

Thank you all for the sweet comments on me & boyf's duet,
Quando Quando Quando! (:

Sorry for not updating ):
I've been so busy/stressed with my econs project,
finaaaaaally done with that bugger!

...and super busy studying for my marketing paper tomorrow.
Sigh, so much info stuffed into my heeeeeead.
haven't been feeling too good this few days,
indigestion, insomnia, always feeling so lethargic.

Anybody has like a night of really really horrible dreams before?
..i literally
had a cocktail of nightmare the other day!

Omg lah, 1stly i dreamt that Jess and i were crossing
this shaky bridge in the middle of the sea?
And there were like random wreck ships around us,

then i dunno why i was suddenly sleeping beside boyf,
and this very skinny girl was sleeping beside me,
and omfg her stomach and intestine were DUG OUT,
and i saw the heart beating inside the rib, so it's like no flesh?!

Then i dreamt about me and this weird guy dropping into
a big black hole with alot of steps, then i keep running up
the stairs and that psycho guy keep chasing me!

And then, it just changed scene and i was like sleeping
in a hotel room alone, and i saw boyf, danny and a bunch
of people chatting around a table outside the hotel room,
i went to the toilet, wanted to wash up and go out to look
for boyf and danny, and when i turn on the tap and splashed
on my face i realise it was BLOOD! then i totally freaked out
and i ran out of the toilet and i saw two ghostly girls laughing at me...

And i snapped out of the dream, i was having cold sweats,
it's really really really scary, everything felt so real! ):
I woke up and i didn't dare to go back to sleep,
So i made a totally unplanned bento for boyf.

I'll never dare to go into a hotel toilet alone again!

I rmb there's once when we were at a hotel at malaysia
for church youth camp, and i was very scared lar!
I dragged my poor friend into the toilet with me when i bath,
and made her sit at the toiletbowl and talk to me! LOL
The bathtub, big mirror scares me ever since i was a kid!

Okay, i wanna go sleep already!
i only slept for like 3-4 hours today, tireeeeed.
My paper is 10am tomorrow! Stressed. :x

PS: Click on the Nuffnang Canon Ad before you leave yah! :D

Loves, fidelis.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

MY auntie: Hur! I thought that day meeting me for lunch!
Then you nvr reply leh! ):

Queenie: Hahahas, okay!

Jess : Hahahahs, it's darn funny can.
You are damn cute lar. Hahahas, omg what a dream?!
Hahahahs, doing the chicken thing in the white house. HAHAAH

Candy: Hi, i joined a spree. google payeasy spree.

Jag: Hahahas. yup.

Kyupi: Read below (:

Genie: Read below. (:

Elaine: thank you! i use ketchup for the quail eggs and
the veggie cutters were my mom's cookie cutters.
not sure where she bought it thou!

Sophia: HEHEHE, hi back! LOL!

Ting: Whoopsie, it was the wrong link,
changed to the new one already! (:

Jasmine: Awwww, thanks dear.
Those tags makes me so frustrated sometimes!
Hehehe. Singapore nth to shop leh,
We meet for dinner ok! :D

Amanda: REad below (:

PB: Watsons.

Peggy: Hahahas, i'm not so sure about the pricing babe,
Rmb to say that you're my friend, got 10% discount heh.

Jen: Erm, they're like chevy chocolate candy?
Hahahas, buy some and try lar, not very expensive also mar.

Passby: Wow, so you spelt passby wrongly on purpose.
So are you trying to look stupid on purpose as well?

Man: Thank you! Maybe you can take alook at my links,
There's a link,
FAQ, I'm sick of answering the same Qns!
What skincare prdt/makeup does Fidelis use?

Dawn: Read below (:

Jevena: ahhh, no more already ah,
that piece is really nice yah.
Maybe you can try emailing them and ask if it's possible
for a backorder for that piece?

S: Hahahas, Vit E IS sticky,
so if you can't live with the sticky feeling,
then don't use it?

Yay, this is our 2nd duet, Quando Quando Quando.
Comments! ^-^

Expand The Player Expand

The Music Hutch The Music Hutch View Playlist View Playlist

Anyway, please don't ask me questions and
dump me with your email address and expect me
to get back to you with your answers.
I'm not really that free to email each and every of you,
If you need your answers, do check back my blog yah? (:

And here's the cinnamon bun recipe:

My lunch yesterday!

Somebody asked about the
microwave potato chips maker
i bought on ebay afew weeks ago!

Just arrived a couple of days ago and i tried it,
it really worked!

I thought it might not work cos it's like
so tiny and cute and like, toy-ish!

So fun, just add some salt and vinegar for some flavor!

Crispy crispy chips! :D
and it's microwaved and not fried, so less fatty!

The other day one of my acrylics kinda popped out abit,
So i tried to removed all of them out myself,

I'm like suuuuuper sad!
I thought remove my acrylics already
i will still have my nice long fingernails.
But seems like it needs some time to recover
and now it's short and ugly. ):

Althought the acrylic is super nice,
but i don't think i will do it again
cos it's like, not worth it lar,
take off liao then my own nails so weak and stuff. ):

I'm using OPI's Privacy Please.

My nails have been like really soft all along,
like can bend that kind, But now it's like worst~
I'm trying Sally hansen's hard as nails, HOPEFULLY
it will help. ):

Muahahah, i'm damn kiasu and i already
bought a bunch of swavoski crystals cos i wanna bling
my nails when i grows longer!
I bought this nail thingy book from kinokuniya
awhile ago and never got to try the designs
cos i was having the acrylic nails from Qian Zu Ge.

Got afew pictures from Chris, photographer yesterday,
I love the crimped hair! Looks so yummy! heh.

Bought quite afew new stuff yesterday!
I just can't be bored at home,
All i do is spend spend spend $$$!

Clear Lipslick from Covergirl

Lashblast mascara from Covergirl, both from

Two tops from charlotte russe,
They're having 60% sales of sales item now!

And finally two dresses from livejounal blogshops.

Have to go to church tonight to record a song for a church event!
Sayonara, loves! (: